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Other Koi Topics



Learning about the koi hobby doesn't end with the acquisition of knowledge on koi varieties, koi pond building, koi pond water quality, basic koi care, and koi diseases.


There are, of course, a multitude of other areas that a serious koi keeper must become familiar with in order to enjoy the hobby.  These 'other topics' include koi appreciation, showing, and even judging.  Also important are knowledge on koi breeding, koi buying, and koi hobby terminology. Koi trivia articles, which provide spice to this website, are likewise included.


Below are links to some articles that fall under the 'Other Topics' category.  These are also 'must read' articles for people who want to enjoy the koi hobby. 




Articles to help you enjoy and appreciate your koi:

Buying Koi

The Ideal Koi Body

Koi Mark Patterns

Koi Buying Etiquette

Dealing with Koi Loss

Summer Deaths

Ugly Duckling Koi

My Favorite Koi Variety

The Strange Kumonryu

Sinking Pellets






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