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Koi Diseases







Type: Bacterial


>> 'holes' that develop on the body (usually on the lower side) of a koi due to Aeromonas bacterial infection

>> starts as a localized reddened area with raised scales

>> the raised scales eventually drop off, leaving the tissue underneath exposed to the water and more vulnerable to external attack

>> the exposed tissue opens up and becomes a 'hole' as the infection worsens

>> ulcers can result from an internal infection or infection of an external tissue damage

>> ulcers can lead to death if left untreated




>> localized red areas on the body with raised scales in the early stage

>> open sores on the body




>> repeated application of malachite green or antibacterial agents directly on the wound 

>> direct application of potassium permanganate on the wound will also work

>> antibiotics may be administered by a vet to the sick koi to increase chances of its survival

>> adding salt to the water of the vat (1 kg of salt per 100 liters of water, i.e., 1% concentration) where the koi is quarantined will help relieve stress and combat bacteria



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