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Koi Diseases








Type: Parasitic


>>caused by Trichodina, a protozoan parasite with a ring of cilia around the edge of the bowl-shaped body

>> the Trichodina glides around the fish like a flying saucer

>> this parasite measures up to 50 micrometers in diameter, and has a central sucking disc with hook-like dentricles

>> Trichodinids don't actually feed on the koi itself and are therefore virtually harmless at low levels

>> however, in very large numbers,  they can be very irritating to the fish

>> tissue damage can be caused by the sucking disc used by trichodinids to attach to the body of the koi




>>extreme irritation of the koi leading to rubbing of body against rocks and pond surfaces

>>frayed fins; milky or opaque fins and body

>>although not immediately deadly, it can cause extreme tissue damage if left unchecked

>>in advanced stages, fish may show lethargy and preference for highly-oxygenated areas of the pond (near pumps, etc.)

>>can lead to suffocation of the fish if gills are severely infested




>>some experts had success treating trichodina with potassium permanganate

>>others recommend the Super Ick Cure

>>addition of salt to the water may alleviate gill problems while the 'real' treatments are still on the way

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