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Koi Diseases

Spring Viremia of Carp (SVC)






Spring Viremia of Carp (SVC)

Type: Viral


>> caused by the SVC virus usually at low temperatures (40-65 deg F)

>> Rhabdovirus carpio is the scientific name of the virus

>> this virus suppresses the immune system of the fish, making the fish vulnerable to secondary pathogenic invasions

>> easily spreads from fish to fish




>> lethargy and uncoordinated movement

>> bulging eyes, skin hemorrhages

>> bloated appearance due to fluids in the abdomen

>> bloody mucus trailing from vent and within the intestine

>> may also exhibit tiny hemorrhages of the muscle, swim bladder, and gut cavity lining




>> SVC infections are of international concern so deaths from this disease must be reported accordingly

>> SVC has no known cure, but many experts believe that the chances of a fish surviving its attack is greatly increased by keeping under control all parasitic and bacterial infections that may occur concurrently with the SVC

>> studies have shown the SVC virus not being able to survive above 83 deg F, so experts recommend raising the water temperature to 86 deg F for 5-7 days before treating the sick koi

>> the water temperature may then be gradually decreased by a maximum of 2 deg F per day until it is down to 80 deg F, at which point treatment of the secondary infections of the koi may be initiated and sustained until all symptoms are eradicated



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