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Koi Diseases

Ich or White Spot






Ich or White Spot

Type: Parasitic


>>caused by Ichthyophthirius multifiliis

>> the Ichthyophthirius is a ciliated parasite that affects virtually all fish species

>> this parasite penetrates below the skin and transforms into a stage known as 'tophont', which feeds on the fish's body cells and fluids

>> the trophont is known to continuously move under the skin

>> the trophont eventually matures and exits out of the skin, clinging to an object (such as a plant) as an encapsulated organism known as a 'tomont'

>> the tomont repeatedly divides to produce hundred of 'tomites' which eventually hatch and swim to find a host




>> presence of small white spots (which are actually cysts that contain active trophonts) all over the body and fins

>> rubbing of body against rocks and pond surfaces in early stages, lethargy in later stages

>> can lead to severe hyperplasia (abnormal cell growth), tissue damage and bacterial infection




>>  easily treated with commercial ich medications if carried out over an adequate amount of time, since only the free-swimming stage of the parasite can be dealt with

>>  long-term or indefinite salting of the pond (0.2%) will also help address the problem   

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