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Koi Diseases








Type: Fungal


>>caused by Saprolegnia, a filamentous fungi that feeds by secreting enzymes that break down cells and tissues to absorb nutrients

>> the mass of fungi filaments, known as mycelium, is visible to the naked eye

>> Saprolegnia multiply by releasing thousands of spores into the water

>> Saprolegniasis, is usually a secondary infection that affects tissue already damaged by other predisposing factors such as parasites, viruses, or bacteria

>> under the right conditions, Saprolegnia  can quickly spread and affect a large portion of a koi




>> wooly and cotton-like attachments on the body and fins which look green if algae-ridden

>> whitish or grayish patches on the skin and gills

>> tissue damage follows if left untreated

>> infests injured or stressed koi




>> can be treated with a strong solution of Malachite green followed by topical application of a water-proofing cream

>>  indefinite salt treatments will likewise help



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