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Dropsy or Pine-Cone Disease





Dropsy or Pine-Cone Disease

Type: Congenital or Bacterial


>>  more of a symptom caused by an internal problem rather than a disease by itself

>>  can be caused by: 1) a congenital heart or kidney problem or 2) Aeromonas bacterial infection

>> low survival rate, i.e., it usually leads to death of the affected koi because of severe damage to internal organs




>> swollen abdomen or very bloated body caused by excessive internal fluid build-up

>> bulging out of eyes

>> raised scales that exhibit a pinecone appearance

>> death at a later stage




>> quarantine the fish immediately in an isolation tank to avoid possible infection of other koi

>> antibiotics or anti-bacterial liquids (e.g., Kusuri Sabbactisun, Maracyn Plus, Furazone Light, Antibacteria Liquid, etc.) may be tried but survival rate would remain low



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