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Koi Diseases

Cotton Wool Disease






Cotton Wool Disease

Also known as 'Cotton Mouth Disease', 'Columnaris Disease',

or 'Flexibacter Disease'

Type: Bacterial


>> caused by Flexibacter columnaris bacterial infection

>> columnaris usually infect injured or stressed koi, entering the fish through the gills, mouth or small wounds in the skin

>> columnaris is highly contagious to other koi

>> confused by some people with fungal attacks that exhibit similar-looking symptoms




>> white spots around the mouth and head areas that spread to the body and fins

>> white cottony growths that eat away the mouth

>> disintegration of fins starting at the edges

>> 'saddleback' lesion near the dorsal fin

>> in advanced stages, lesions and ulcers may arise

>> disintegration of the gills may also occur




>> treat with copper sulfate or the appropriate antibiotic

>> Acriflavine, Furan, and Terramycin have been used successfully to treat columnaris

>> salting of the water will also help



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