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Koi Diseases







Type: Parasitic


>>caused by Chilodonella, a flat, heart-shaped parasite with a notched end and bands of cilia on its bottom surface, measuring about 30-80 microns in length and 20-60 microns in width, making them faintly visible on a micrograph;

>>Chilodonella has a wide range of temperature tolerance




>>heavy labored breathing

>>rubbing of body against rocks and pond surfaces

>>skin cloudiness due to excess mucus

>>lethargy and, at an advanced stage, isolation of itself at the pond surface or near a water return

>>presence of slow-gliding, circling parasites in skin scrapes or gill biopsies




>>Chilodonella, although a major threat to fish health, is easy to kill with the appropriate anti-parasite treatment, or any of the following: malachite green and formalin, potassium permanganate, copper or salt baths



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