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Carp Pox




Carp Pox

Type: Viral


>> caused by the Cyprinid Herpes Virus 1 or CyHV-1, which attacks the outer skin of the koi

>> primarily seen in koi and goldfish during winter and early spring





>> usually starts as small, oval white spots that gradually increase in size

>> spots can merge leading to larger areas being affected

>> can lead to build-up of solid, waxy lumps on the fins and body of the koi since the koi is trying to produce more cells to fight off the infection

>> generally harmless but certainly unpleasant to look at




>> since this is a viral infection, this disease has no known cure

>> scraping off of the waxy lumps is highly discouraged by experts since this can damage the skin and cause more problems (such as secondary bacterial infections) for the affected fish

>>  most experts recommend leaving the disease alone (no matter how unsightly it is) until it disappears on its own when the warmer months arrive




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