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Anchor Worm Disease




Anchor Worm Disease

Type: Parasitic


>> caused by Lernaea, or anchor worm, which is a thread-like parasite that grows up to 1/2 inch long

>> Lernaea is not actually a worm but a crustacean parasite

>> unlike most koi parasites, Lernaea is visible to the naked eye (just like fish lice)

>> a highly contagious parasite that must be addressed promptly, anchor worms penetrate through the skin of the koi




>> presence of Lernaea or anchor worms on the skin and under the scales, most commonly found at the base of the fins or attached to a wound

>> Lernaea look like whitish green or red worms

>> egg sacs may be visible at the end of the anchor worms

>> presence of inflamed or red spots on the skin

>> Lernaea may leave an ulcer once it leaves its host

>> koi may be seen scraping its body against objects




>> adult anchor worms are difficult to kill but may be removed by tweezers

>> many experts recommend Dimilin to control anchor worms

>> larvae anchor worms may be killed by Masoten



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